it’s very weird to not recognize yourself in a mirror.

Last night I decided I wanted to do something memorable for myself for my birthday, which is tomorrow. I thought of getting my nose re-pierced (been there, had a job that made me take it out, often remember it fondly), considered a tattoo for .01 seconds (far too indecisive) and then settled on something less painful and more temporary, a haircut.

The last time I had hair shorter than my shoulders, I was in the eighth grade and thought that the perfect way to style it was to wash it, blow dry it and then sleep on it to control the frizz. It just looked crazy most of the time. After that grew out, I went through a brief straightening phase, and have since been washing it and combing it with my fingers and letting it air dry. It’s very long and thick, and this worked for me, except during the summer months, when I’m limited to pony tails and the occasional braid.

This is what it ALWAYS looked like:

And now, it looks like this:

I’m loving it. That little flip on the side is my favorite part, strangely enough. I’m very excited about headbands and bobby pins, and looking forward to recognizing myself in mirrors again.

Only problem is that now I’d really look cute with a nose ring. Maybe 23.

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