my garden

This is me working in my garden, just for future reference. Jason lived in this house three or so years ago, and he built this garden, which ended up being very convenient for me! Little did he know, he’d be helping me pull poison ivy out of it a few years later!

Here he is, being very sweaty and uncomfortable while dealing with the compost (I’m very glad that they exist, but earthworms still give me the creeps):

The little fence around the garden (the one that is far too short to keep out deer…) was designed to ward off this most pesky pest:
I’m just kidding, he’s the least pesky thing alive. His name is Jack, he lives next door and comes over at least twice a day and stands on the porch breathing loudly until I come outside to scratch his butt. He loves that. However, he also likes to crush baby plants. The Jack fence has worked well in years past, but the day after we transplanted my veggies, I looked out the living room window and he had his front paws inside the fence and seemed completely baffled. He had no idea what to do next. This is as far as he’s ever gotten.
The plants are bouncing back from their late-season transplant, so as long as the Jack fence stays strong, we should have veggies soon!

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