Montreal, Day 1

Coming over the bridge into Canada:

After driving into Montreal, we grabbed lunch at a little french bistro near our hotel.

Nothin’ like a croque madame to get into the spirit of speaking French!

Then I guess we needed some gelatto across the street…

Later that day, we walked around in Vieux-Montreal, the old part of the city.



Montreal is bigger than I thought, it has a great Metro system and is a pretty cosmopolitan place. But don’t worry, we had it under control.

We tried poutine, but the place that we went wasn’t the greatest. We thought it was a little microbrewery, but we found out later that it’s a pretty big chain, something like a TGI Friday’s. We had some beer anyway.

Poutine is sort of the Canadian dish to try, it’s french fries with cheese curds and gravy. I imagine it would be really good on a bone-chilling cold kind of day, which is about 75% of the year around here. It’s very rich and very Canadian. There will be better poutine later.

On day two in Montreal, I promise we’ll do things other than eat and drink.



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