Waddington, NY

After driving all day on Saturday, we stopped and spent the night in Waddington, NY at our friend Ryan’s aunt’s house. Waddington is really, really small and you have to pass through several other really, really small towns on the way there. One of them had these signs on every telephone pole in town:

It says: “Home of the 2007 NY State Girls Basketball Champions.”

Also, this is what Jason was doing around this time:

When we arrived in Waddington, we found out (pretty quickly) that it was homecoming weekend, so there were people everywhere standing in the streets drinking beer when we came into town. Waddington isn’t that big and I’m pretty sure most of the people there are related to Ryan (both of his parents are Waddingtonians).

We went to a BBQ place that had a pig outside, in case you wanted to get to know one before you ate her cousins.

Later that night, we caught Waddington’s only annual fireworks. They don’t have any for Fourth of July or New Years (probably not then because no one could stand outside that long in January). Needless to say, everyone was really excited.

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