Quebec City, Day 1

I’m getting ahead of myself a little. Before we took the train up to Quebec City, we went to the big park in Montreal, called Parc Mont Royal. It was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead (like Central Park and the Biltmore Estate). It was really beautiful, and there’s a great view of the city.

After that, we hopped on the train and headed to Quebec City. When we arrived, I grabbed a map and discovered that the walk to our hotel was basically straight uphill, but we were excited, so it wasn’t all that bad.

Okay, it wasn’t all a breeze, but we made it!

After we got settled in, we just walked around, kind of aimlessly. I always feel a little overwhelmed when I first arrive in a new city, so I like to just walk without trying to get anywhere or do anything, except maybe eat. We ended up walking around the fortifications of the city (it’s the only walled city north of Mexico). Here’s some good stuff:

We eventually walked our way to a restaurant that looked good, but check out this menu item!

Also, Canadians have the bloody mary-esque drink figured OUT. They use tomato juice, vodka, clam juice and celery salt and a splash of something spicy (it varies). That’s it. I really hate bits of stuff floating in my bloody mary, which is all too common. Plus the clam juice adds some depth and saltiness that makes it perfect. It’s called a Cesar.

After dinner, we had to go change clothes because it was too cold. It’s August, mind you. It was 60-some degrees and the wind was wild. After that, we headed out to see one of the must-see Quebec things. Every night in the summer, they project a film across the river onto some old grain silos. It is the biggest projection project that’s in practice right now. It’s the size of 25 IMAX screens. The pictures that I got aren’t great, but you kind of get the idea.

But, it was really cold and windy, so we didn’t stay for the whole thing. See below for proof:

We did catch a glimpse of the Chateau Frontenac on the way back to the hotel:

Tomorrow, it rains!


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