new year’s resolutions…the kind I’ll actually keep

Here’s to 2012!

To catch up: I graduated. I got a job a mere twelve days after graduating. (Donations Coordinator, Chatham Habitat for Humanity, at your service!) I’ve moved to Durham.

Okay, now for those pesky resolutions:

1. Blog. This blog, in fact. Yep, you heard me.

2. Take more pictures, especially of the things I cook.

3. Make sure that things I cook look pretty.

4. Get better at taking food pictures.

5. Read. For pleasure. Because I can.

I’ll admit, it seems totally cliche to say, but I’d really love to be my own boss one day. What shall I do, you ask? I have no idea. The list of pipe dreams includes, but is not limited to: wildly successful blogger, counselor, house-builder, librarian, cheese-maker, novelist, potter, goat farmer, newspaper columnist, glass blower, non-profit director, chef, children’s book illustrator, blacksmith, archivist, mixed media artist, beekeeper, book-binder, restaurant reviewer, magazine editor, or maybe a vegetable farmer. These are not all the things I’ve considered.

For right now, I’m paying rent. And luckily, doing something that I really believe in and enjoy doing every day.

Naturally, the blog is going to change a little. Hopefully I’ll still be doing a lot of cooking, reading and drinking coffee while eating cookies for breakfast. But we’ll see. The scenery will be a little different, for now.

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