Ode to Jason’s Bookshelf

I love books. I especially love books in large quantities on shelves. When I found this website, I spent hours drooling over the pictures. Sometimes, I like to take everything off my bookshelves and then rearrange everything. I love looking at other people’s bookshelves. Not just at the books that they have, but at how they organize the books. I like to have hardbacks with hardbacks, and similarly-sized books grouped together. I also like to put some in sideways. I can stuff more books into a bookshelf than seems possible.

I feel like you can learn things about people by looking at their bookshelves.

I love Jason’s bookshelf.

It has all this weird stuff on it, like a Spock coffee mug.

I have no idea where this thing came from, but I love it. I love that Jason keeps it on his bookshelf right in front of a book called Buddhist Ethics, which I also have no explanation for.

Jason keeps everything. In a really great way. When we go on trips together, we come home with piles and piles of brochures, maps, tickets, notes, napkins and various other little keepsakes. Then they sit. In weird places, stuffed inside of notebooks, sometimes on our bookshelves. There’s never anything too strange to bring home.

Jason’s bookshelf is like a little museum of things that are important to him, books that he read and loved, books that someone recommended and he bought but never read, vitamins that he never takes, things he uses every day, and trinkets that even he doesn’t remember the significance of. 

Take a moment and look at someone else’s bookshelf. They’re like little biographies if you pay attention.

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