Homemade Valentines

I’m not one of those people who is really down on Valentine’s Day–but I do have two complaints.

1. Pre-made kid valentines. Kids should make their own. For real.

2. Conversation hearts. Because they’re gross. Like chalk with cheesy sayings stamped on it. And a really boring way to get cavities. Don’t even get me started on pre-made valentines with attached conversation hearts. No thank you.

Instead of sifting through aisles of pink fluffy things and having some over-prices couples meal where you don’t get to choose anything you eat, I made Jason a valentine’s day gift this year.

Let’s start here: I’m no seamstress. These little hearts were very, very easy. I just cut hearts out of some not-very-Valentine’s-y fabric, used embroidery thread to sew them together, and stuffed them with pulled-apart cotton balls.

I used red and light blue. This was partly because everything pink and most red things were gone from the craft store, and also because I think it’s pretty.

Okay, so the way it works: I’ll give Jason the jar, with this note on it. I’ve hidden the hearts all over the place, so when he finds them, they’re like little Valentines that last longer than just one day! Also, they can be recycled, so I can re-hide them, and he can also hide them for me. Provided they don’t fall apart…

Happy Valentine-Making! And please, no pre-made valentines. And please, please no conversation hearts.

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