Seven iPhone Days–Week One

The first thing that is remarkable about this week: I can make a pony tail!

A foggy morning on Highway 751

Monday Guacamole

Jason bought me some flowers.

I spent much of the week planning activities for a Collegiate Challenge group that came from Wilifrid-Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.

Coconut should be involved in everything.

I see this tree every day. Sometimes I say, “Hi, Tree!” and look around hoping that no one saw the waving that might have also happened.

I got some lipstick. Now I just need the thing to wear it to.

Jason and I worked on my bike. He’s saying, “I know exactly what I’m doing here.”

Solo Fro Yo. Chocolate with walnuts, coconut, strawberries and melted peanut butter.

This is what I do first thing in the morning; I plant my feet beside my space heater at work and avoid moving. For about 10 seconds before I have to get up for something.

I have a white cow cream pitcher, and I met its more stylish cousin at Target this week.

Huevos Rancheros!

Wilifrid-Laurier bookshelf painters!

Recipes & lists. Lists & recipes.

It snowed on Sunday! And it was also in the 70s on Thursday.

Leftover Valentine’s Day cup from Starbucks

These trophies were found in the Home Stores and given to the Collegiate Challenge students.

I went to Nashville to visit family this weekend. This was my favorite book of my Grandmother’s when I was little. She still has it!

The book is called Gnomes and this page illustrates the differences between male and female gnomes.

While in Nashville, I saw my cousin Daisy as Olivia in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. She was wonderful. In this scene, she is confessing her love to a (clearly confused) Violia (dressed in drag as Cesario).

I’m moving this week. Into a wonderful apartment where the neighbors have chickens. Here is my new kitchen in action for the first time.

I made late night moving noodles. With olive oil, toasted walnuts, and sauteed zucchini.

Then we toasted to new places. And to the chickens.

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