Spring Forward


Today feels like an appropriate day to have planted a bunch of seeds. It was light out until, like, 7:30 or something crazy. We spent the whole afternoon outside putting up a mailbox at our new house, and I got this weird tan line from my shirt. It felt like spring.

We planted a lot of seeds, and some of them will hopefully turn into plants! Here’s this year’s line up:  sugar snap peas, yellow crookneck squash, cucumbers, dark green zucchini, habanero peppers, okra, cherokee purple heirloom tomatoes, Granny Cantrell heirloom tomatoes, Matt’s wild cherry tomatoes, sharlyn mellons (close to honeydew), dolce de chioggia beets, cilantro, dill, basil, and chives. 


Granted, some of these may not sprout. Or they might die somewhere in between sprouting and bearing fruit. There’s something really remarkable about eventually coaxing food out of a little tiny seed. I’m excited about this year’s prospects. Last year I moved in the middle of the summer, and I bought my plants as starters. This year, it’s all up to me to make it work. 


It’s also kind of amazing how cheap all these seeds were, especially considering how much veggies cost at the grocery. It certainly takes less effort to buy a cucumber. And no grocery store purchase is as exciting as this, my very first ever zucchini, was.


Happy planting! 


One thought on “Spring Forward

  1. If I have never seen a zucchini growing on it’s vine like that, then I should be in the dirt aisles between some new-sprung plantlings rather than in the produce aisles at the grocery sto’. Thanks, Argo !!

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