How to Infuse Vodka

Real Talk: Sometimes a fancy cocktail is just what a lady needs. I’m a fan (in a big way) of any type of cocktail that involves gin. Or bourbon. Or rum. However, I’m not  crazy for vodka. I mean, in a martini, I can deal, but I’d prefer if it were gin. So, in an effort to expand my cocktail horizons, I’m making some infused vodkas.

I suggest a kind of vodka that you would drink plain, whatever that is. I got this one because I don’t know anything about vodka and this one’s in the medium price range and the bottle is made of glass and not plastic. I feel like that’s good enough.

Now, what to infuse with? The first thing that comes to mind is fruit, but I’m not wild about sweet drinks. Also, I really like the piney taste of gin, so I figured I’d choose an herb.

(However, if you do like fruity drinks, this is a great alternative to buying flavored vodka, which is loaded with sugar and fake-tasting flavor. If you love raspberry vodka, make some!)

I eventually chose rosemary, but this was not an easy choice. Depending on how this one tastes, I’m considering tarragon, mint, thyme, lavender, lemon balm, or basil… and then think about all the other combinations–lavender and lemon peel, strawberries and basil. Oh man!

Anyway, I picked rosemary. For this one, I’m imagining all the possible cocktails I could make once this is ready to drink. This rosemary lime concoction, or even this champagne cocktail!

For my second choice, I wanted to go simple and refreshing. I picked cucumbers because they’re summery and subtle.

By the time the weather warms up again, I’ll be fully prepared to make some classy lady cocktails.


1. Choose what you’ll be infusing vodka with. Get that thing and make it jar-sized.

2. Wash and dry a quart-sized mason jar. Put some of what you want to infuse with into the bottom of the jar, and then cover it with vodka.

3. Close the jars and give them a little shake. Place them in a cool, dark place and taste every few days until you like the flavor.

4. Strain vodka and store it in the freezer for up to 2 months!

Last thing: check out my new jar labels! If you’re lucky, something delicious is coming your way with one of these labels on it.


8 thoughts on “How to Infuse Vodka

  1. Um you’re awesome, Miss Spears. I think lemon balm vodka sounds divine… Or maybe like a blend with lemon balm, basil and strawberry? Like a gussied up strawberry lemonade? I wanna do this.

    • I know! As soon as I did this I had like 200 more ideas! I’m going to try infused vinegars, too… for fancy salad dressings! I’m thinking tarragon-infused vinegar with some olive oil and dijon mustard on a spinach salad with strawberries and goat cheese. Yum!

      • That sounds absolutely delightful 🙂 It’d be even more delightful if we could get together and have a cooking party !

  2. Love the label!! However, I do not see my name on a tag. Guessing it’s just not in the shot you chose to publish? Hint : rhymes with turd

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