Pin-spiration Sunday

Today I bring you eight tidbits of the internet that I’ve run across this week; things that are interesting, inspiring, or just plain beautiful. Thanks to Pinterest for creating such a lovely place for creative, right-brained, visually-dependant folks like me.

This picture is what made me love Pinterest in the first place. I cut the very same picture out of a Domino magazine years ago, and it has hung over my desk ever since. I adore built in bookshelves and cozy nooks like this one.

These peach, strawberry, and coconut popsicles make me drool every time I see them. They’re from a swoon-worthy site called Lyla & Blu.

I desperately want to attend this party. I want to throw this party. I want to live at this party!

I’m totally head over heels for these literary map posters. I wish I had known about them sooner, what great literature professor gifts!

Did you know that I dream about living in a teeny-tiny house like this one? Tumbleweed Tiny Homes fuel many of my most recent daydreams.

Melissa McClellan on pint and a half jars. They’re my new favorite!

“How to Throw a Wildly Hip Scandinavian Sandwich Party” from Bon Appetit. Need I say more?

Poppies! I don’t think I have enough orange in my life. When it comes in this form, I’m all about it. I’d love to have this Johann Weinmann print framed.

Join Pinterest and follow me for more! Wishing everyone a lovely sunny Sunday.

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