Pin-spiration Sunday (week 3)

To get this started off right, I’ve started with one of my favorite photographs of all time. In honor of the Library Lust Edition of Pin-spiration Sunday, I give you John Irving and Kurt Vonnegut in one of the more charming photographs I think I’ve ever seen. Kurt Vonnegut taught John Irving at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, and if I could be a fly on the wall in one room, it might be that one.

Anyway, today I bring you some nice-looking bookshelves, great books, and other book-related tidbits from the internet this week. Also, I’m announcing that I’m going to try to read 50 books this year. I know it’s not January or anything, but let’s just pretend. By this time next year, I’m going to try to read 50 books. Isn’t June 30th the end of the fiscal year or something? It is at Chatham Habitat, I guess. I only know this because people keep talking to me about “budgets and goals for the upcoming fiscal year,” but I’m usually not listening because I’m thinking about those donuts that are sitting on the conference table in front of me. Can you tell that I was a Literature/History major when I say that? Confession: I still have to remind myself that it’s “fiscal” rather than “physical” sometimes. Yikes. Well, my goal for this (possibly made-up) fiscal year is to read 50 books.

1. I love this little nook. It’s in a bookstore, I think, but I think it would make a nice spot in a house, too.

2. There’s something really cool about having books organized by color. However, this is not something that I could ever accomplish. I’d rather have books that are related to each other be close. Or similarly sized, that’s the most important, I think.

3. Books in the dining room?! That’s for real.

4. In One Person, John Irving’s newest novel. Book #1 in the 50 books in one year project.

5. Apartment Therapy is the coolest. I love these windows and books. Sigh.

6. This is the best propaganda poster I think I’ve ever seen. Ever. I think people should still support their local libraries. Go check out books! Try not to be blacklisted like I was at the New Hanover County Library as a twelve year old. Oops! That’s actually why I moved away from home to go to college.

Happy Sunday! I’m spending my morning in the air conditioning with book #2 in the 50 books in a year project, Mathida Savitch by Victor Lodato. It’s one that I picked up at work when we were selling books for 10 cents each. I won’t tell you how MANY I bought, but it’s safe to say that I won’t have to go to the library or the bookstore until at least halfway through this fiscal year.

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