Pin-spiration Sunday (week 4)

When Jason wakes up in the morning, he’s ready to go. Although he’s usually slower to wake than I am, when he’s up, he’s UP. Also–he feels almost no need to eat anything. Most importantly, he acts like coffee is some sort of luxury. I, on the other hand, believe that coffee in the morning is my natural born RIGHT. Just try to get between me and the coffeepot first thing in the morning. Try it. And when we’re not at home, when I have to seek coffee farther afield than my own kitchen, you better believe I went to sleep thinking about it the night before. I was paying attention to the places around the hotel that looked dead last night. I’ll have a game plan.

Sometimes, Jason doesn’t understand how my singular focus can be coffee, at least until it’s in my hand. He wakes up saying, “Anna, we’re in Quebec, and all you want to do today is drink coffee?!” or “Let’s go to this museum and then from there we can walk to this other place, and then we can eat dinner somewhere around here,” only to realize that I’m not listening at all. If pressed, my mantra is “But first, Coffee.” Even though I drive him crazy with my incessant need for caffeine, he also doesn’t see the need to eat between 7AM and 9PM. How is that possible? Confession–sometimes, he stashes snacks because he knows that I’m going to become irrationally angry about being hungry. True story.

It looks like Jason’s going to have to find some snacks that he can get through airport security, because the Raleigh Airport has just started direct flights to San Francisco. So, this week, I bring you little pieces of San Francisco, compiled as I drink my coffee and begin to consider the day’s possibilities.

Maybe now you’re dreaming of hopping a plane to San Francisco? But first, coffee. By all means.

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