Pin-spiration Sunday (week 6)

Yesterday was one of those infrequent days in a North Carolina summer when it doesn’t break 85 degrees. It rained all day; not the humid kind of afternoon shower rain, the kind of rain that settles in for a full day, bringing cool temperatures and mist. It made me dream of fall. I love fall. The first time the weather is clear and crisp, maybe in the low 70s, I get excited the way a little kid does. It makes me want to play hookey and spend the day outside, reveling in the first chill of autumn. By the time the leaves are turning and the pumpkins are getting orange, I’m basically beaming with excitement every day. Yet somewhere between January and August, I forget how that first cool day makes me feel. Yesterday reminded me. Since then, I’ve been in full swing fall anticipation. Today, I bring you some of the many things that I’ve seen lately that give me that first inkling of that jittery fall feeling.

1. The thing about these macaroons are the COLORS. Can you believe those? Aside from tasting delicious, they’re just beautiful!

2. I love layered necklaces. I have my eye on a few that this designer on ETSY makes. But how cute with the white shirt.

3. Is it weird that braided hair makes me think of fall? This picture especially. With that mustard-colored flower! I’m glad my hair is growing out.

4. Beet Ravioli. Need I say more?

5. I dream about layers like this. I especially love the stripes with the floral scarf. Also, I’m currently blazer-hunting.

6. Jewel tones are a big part of why that feeling, the jittery fall feeling, gets me. Fall is when deep, saturated colors like these happen in nature. They’re my favorite colors.

Okay, I officially can’t wait for sweaters, scarves, pumpkins and fresh school supplies. Swoon!



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