project 365: week two

I’m discovering that my goal of one photo per day is kind of crazy annoying–some days I’m struggling to find a picture of anything, and other days are full of opportunities. So, rather than focus on publishing one photo per day, I’m just hoping you’ll get a feel for the week through my photos. Deal? Deal. DSC_0271This week, Chatham Habitat hosted 12 students from Cleveland State University through Habitat for Humanity’s Collegiate Challenge program. I got the honor of taking pictures of them all week–including this silly one.

DSC_0222On Tuesday, I started my day with a kale, apple, blackberry, lime juice that ended up being this beautiful purple color. It was also pretty delicious.

DSC_0003Downton Abbey started back this week–with a two hour long episode! I might have squealed a little when the scene with the dog and Lord Grantham came on–I love it! (Also, this was taken last Sunday, and I promise my Christmas tree has been taken down now.)

DSC_0219Sunrise in the back yard. Taken bleary-eyed and barefoot at 6AM.

DSC_0009Jason made dinner.

DSC_0279Saturday was Jason’s birthday and he wanted to go out for a hike. We passed a farm on highway 86 and this guy watched us pass.


Birthday eggs benedict.
DSC_0310Jason got some new threads.

DSC_0298And a delicious gingerbread/cream cheese icing cake! Happy Birthday, Jason!

One thought on “project 365: week two

  1. Anna, you are so charming! I look forward to your blog like you look forward to Downtown Abbey. Also Happy Birthday Jason! Aunt Catherine

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