project 365: week four

DSC_0463I made dark chocolate donuts with toasted coconut… dangerous.
DSC_0422Much of this week was really sunny but really cold.
DSC_0427Also, I had some major sore throat for a full seven days. Today (Sunday) is the first day I’ve been able to swallow without cringing. I read about this home remedy of lemon tea, coconut oil, and ground cloves and was so thankful!
DSC_0486I really love our spotty Bantam chickens…
DSC_0489So does the neighbor’s new potbelly pigs. (No chickens were harmed in the making of this photo… I think the pig was eating chicken poop.)
DSC_0507Icy Mile 70.
DSC_0504Wintry trees and cloudy skies.
DSC_0490The roads on Friday/Saturday were so icy! I came home from work at 1 on Friday and it took me an hour! (Usually a 25-minute drive.)
DSC_0411Breakfast smoothie.
DSC_0473We learned a great new card game with friends this week, and it inspired us to play two-handed spades this weekend.
DSC_0517Almond butter, dried cherries, and honey. Didn’t think it would work, but boy was I wrong. Delicious!
DSC_0511Sauerkraut making with pilfered brewing/canning supplies… I’ll keep you posted.

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