project 365: week five

DSC_0493I’ve started taking the long way to work sometimes… it’s interesting how much that can change my perspective on the day.

DSC_0488In honor of brewing our next batch of beer, we drank the last of our rye IPA.

DSC_0461Speaking of, it’s still bubbling nicely! We’ll have to re-rack it this coming week.

DSC_0480Also this week, I have two tasty new recipes coming up!

DSC_0481I can already tell that pictures of the chickens are going to get old this year.

DSC_0293I’m really into wintry trees right now. They’re so pretty in silhouette.

DSC_0496On Saturday morning, my best friend Allie and I decided to drive to Charlotte to see each other. I took this picture in the car on the way, and then I left my camera in the car all weekend–it was a really nice break from everything.

DSC_0031Jason constructing things in clashing stripes and plaids (I think it works).

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