project 356: week six

I have a lot of pictures this week. I’ve been in Nashville since Wednesday night, and my flight home leaves in a few hours. I took a few photos earlier in the week, but I had to eliminate all of the ones from home and just use Nashville ones because I couldn’t choose any to get rid of. So, here’s a little recap of my trip:DSC_0296Sunrise from the windows at Jane’s house on Thursday morning after Mona woke me up at six in the morning. You can see most of Nashville from up here.

DSC_0312My mom is dogsitting Lily for the month of February. She likes to bark at deer in the woods.


DSC_0298This is an old building that houses the Bang Candy Company… they make marshmallows in all kinds of cool flavors. I had toasted coconut.


Mona still rides with her front feet on the center console of the car, but she falls over more often now that she’s older.

DSC_0323Opal on the way to Steeplechase to play.

IMG_3006We went to a little vintage boutique called Old Made Good in East Nashville, and I totally fell in love with their glittery floors and odd assortment of weird vintage things.

IMG_3029We had a slice of strawberry cake.

DSC_0308I like the gray blue sky and orange berries on these trees together.

IMG_3018David Arms’ Gallery in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee… I love the paintings and all, but the barn that housed the gallery was really the high point.


We also went to a shop called Berlin Home Goods, where both my mom and I fell in love with the little details that the owner created, only to discover that she’s a friend of my Aunt Catherine’s! Her name is Shulamith Walker and her store is Berlin Home Goods in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, and it’s really wonderful!

DSC_0345Detail at Berlin Home Goods

DSC_0339I’m realizing now that glitter has played a large part in my vacation?

DSC_0366Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee

DSC_0295This morning, my mom and I had breakfast at the Loveless Cafe as our last fun thing.

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