project 365: week seven

This week was really a quiet one. I flew home from Nashville on Sunday and had to bury myself in work for a few days to catch up. Jason has been really sick, so most of my time has been spent quietly: reading, cooking, working, and even some painting. It’s been a nice little respite from the usual hustle and bustle. DSC_0323I made Minestrone with lots of veggies and little tiny pastas in it.

DSC_0303Jason has been sick since Wednesday. He missed five days of work and slept almost the whole time.

DSC_0316Sick Jason at midday.

DSC_0293Recipe planning!

DSC_0403I got this really sweet Valentine from my Aunt Janetta.

DSC_0402And I made two loaves of whole wheat bread.

DSC_0304Saturday snow! It came down in big, wet flakes all day but never stuck to the ground.

DSC_0383Broccoli turkey cheddar panini with honey mustard and a new backdrop that I painted.

DSC_0356Painting the aforementioned backdrop.

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