project 365: week eight

DSC_0301I have to confess something: My favorite thing to photograph are dogs. I spent all week taking pictures as usual, and when I sat down to edit them, I had to choose the best of the dog ones. I couldn’t help myself. This week’s collection of pictures is all from the weekend–admittedly, it was a tough week. It rained all day every day, and I was busy at work. I thought pictures of my weekend would be better than pictures of my desk… because that’s mostly all that happened.

IMG_2411I also ate some peanut butter cups.

DSC_0546I went to Wilmington this weekend. They’re dredging at the North End of Wrightsville Beach.

DSC_0488Fun fact about seagulls: they drop shells onto docks and other hard surfaces to break them open and eat the shellfish from inside.

DSC_0324Pink beagle tongue

DSC_0511Watery shadows

DSC_0535My dad, boat driving/modeling

DSC_0416This is my favorite cookie that I promise to one day share. This week, I made them for the second time in order to photograph them but I’m still not totally satisfied. It’s okay if that’s just an elaborate excuse to keep making more cookies, right?

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