project 365: week ten

This week is technically last week. I did that thing where I thought I had time to do everything and then learned the hard way that I, in fact, do not always have time to do everything. A classic case of over-booking. Anyway, here I am, with my week ten pictures.
muffin Very much of my week looked like long lists and notes to myself. This, however, was a high point among the craziness. A sweet potato muffin and a cup of hot coffee.

We have chicks. They’re adorable.

I have the very coolest job in the world. I was out on the job site this week, talking to people and taking pictures, and it occurred to me how great the work that Habitat does really is. I don’t consider myself a skilled fundraiser, but I do feel passionately about what Habitat does, and I know the families we’re building houses with, and I could talk to anyone about how great that work is. Plus, I get to carry around a pair of boots, and at least once every couple of days, I get to lose my work shoes and throw these on so that I can muck around outside for a few hours.

This week, one of our homeowners got to hammer her first nail on her home.

Later that day, her house had two walls.

Okay, okay, I promise I’m almost done with these wintry tree pictures. (I’ll have to stop when they start growing leaves again…)

DSC_0587There’s a mexican restaurant in Wilmington that makes delicious tortilla soup, and I’ve been craving it all winter. So, I’m trying to recreate it, and I think I got pretty close. I’ll share soon.

4 thoughts on “project 365: week ten

  1. Funny how I just realized you are a magic, curious, delicious hybrid of your parental units, a clear celebration of their having come together. For that I am exceedingly thankful. I toast your slightly untethered spirit, building homes and whipping up nourishments. And the chickens, omg I love them..

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