project 365: weeks twelve and thirteen

Oh my goodness. This month is making me a little loopy, just generally. It’s been one long string of really long, really full days, and sometimes, I can’t remember what I’m even spending all my time doing. I washed my hair twice the other day because I couldn’t remember if I had done it yet. I discovered a bag of lettuce in the refrigerator that I swore up and down I had never seen–turns out, I bought it? I don’t even know. Here are the last two weeks!


Jason reading the paper2

I made this leg of lamb that was super delicious. It stayed in the oven for 8 hours and made everything smell like rosemary and garlic. 3


We had a home dedication at work, and this little one was really sleepy/intrigued by the noise that the shutter on my camera made.5

Craft store errands.

Letter writing.7

CEO Build! (I’m so glad it’s done!)8

The last of the wintry trees.


Look who I found!!2

My easter basket arrived in the mail–that Easter bunny is clever!

Pantry organizing. I had 6 different bags of arborio rice. WTF?4

I skipped the dying part of the eggs and made egg salad.5

First buds on the trees!6

Chocolate chip cookies on a Saturday.

Jason got me a waffle iron!! I’ve made buckwheat and bacon cheddar waffles so far.8I realized halfway through this day that I looked sort of ridiculously primary-colored.

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