project 365: weeks fifteen and sixteen

Catching up from last week. Enjoy!IMG_3384Last week was my mom’s birthday. We made a cake and went out for brunch.

IMG_3383Making lavender lemon curd for my mom’s birthday cake.

IMG_3382Green pants and Jason’s shirt

IMG_3385Anybody know what kind of flower this is? They’re blooming on a tree outside work and they’re so pretty!

DSC_0260Jason face

IMG_3386Introducing the teardrop camper! Jason and his grandfather built this–it’s almost done!

DSC_0253When I was a kid, my parents took me to the Asheboro zoo, and my dad told me that I was related to the chimpanzees–which I believed. Jason and I went to the zoo this week and visited my relatives.

DSC_0257And some birds.

photoWaiting for a tour of Aviator Brewery in the grass, drinking beer. I’m glad it’s spring.

IMG_3389Sunday brunch: toasted coconut and walnut buttermilk waffles with strawberries, raspberries, and cardamom coconut cream. Yum.


We dedicated a new house on Saturday, it was really lovely. DSC_0415The question is “What does home mean to you?” and this was Jason’s answer. Look for his cameo in the Chatham Habtiat Spring newsletter.

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