Book #29: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris

15790837It’s time for yet another book of David Sedaris’ essays, which I have to admit–I absolutely adore. I remember when I was in high school and a friend gave me Me Talk Pretty One Day, which I read in exactly one night. I was immediately enamored with the way that David Sedaris tells stories; he’s so approachable and honest in the way that he remembers things and shares them. When I went to college and began my obsession with This American Life, I discovered that David Sedaris is a regular guest, and I listened every week. There’s this one episode where David Sedaris discusses his father’s interest in having musicians for children, and David impersonates Billie Holiday singing local shopping mall jingles, and I’ve probably heard it 50 times since. It never fails to leave me doubled over with laughter. Continue reading

Kale & Brussels Sprout Soba Noodle Salad

DSC_0438Are y’all ready for some real talk? If not, just skip on down to the recipe. Are you still here? The real truth is this: I have no idea what I’m doing at all almost all of the time. At work, in the kitchen, on this blog, behind a camera, in my friendships and relationships. All the time. Mostly, I just make it up as I go along. But then sometimes, there are days that make me forget how to keep pretending. I’ll see another blog (or ten) that are better than anything I’m ever going to come up with. Or maybe I totally flub something at work and I worry that everyone can tell that I’m just guessing. I’ll read something that is so honest and good that I just know I’ll never be able to write anything like it. And after a while, that kind of down-on-myself stuff can really get to me. And before I know it, I’ve become afraid to press the “Publish” button on my blog. And then one thing after another just piles on top: I lost my camera cord, I can’t remember to buy new shampoo, and I keep oversleeping accidentally. Next thing I know, I have missed three weeks of blog posts, and then that feels too hard to overcome. I’ll get into a fight with Jason about exactly nothing and then miss my favorite yoga class, and then suddenly I feel like I’m drowning. Like everything is too much and all the things that I dream for myself are impossible. Continue reading

Book #28: The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

9780345525550_custom-dd0dcabf7b2c7bfce49cefd4114316d7d56ae244-s6-c10Do you ever start reading a book just because you’ve heard of it? You know, you’re looking at the racks of books at the bookstore, and suddenly you recognize one–maybe you’ve seen it at someone else’s house–and you pick it up, immediately feeling some kinship toward the book, simply because you recognize it. Maybe it’s the same with people, too? Some people are just approachable, and maybe that’s because they’re sort of familiar. That’s how I ran into this book: my mom read it, and then I saw it at the library, and thought, “I know that book!” So, I picked it up and read it. In one night.  Continue reading