grapefruit gin spritzer (& a new name!)

DSC_0315Did you notice that things are a little different? I haven’t mentioned it here, but I’ve been unhappy with the name of my blog for a while now. I love it–don’t get me wrong–but serenditpitousanna (dot) com isn’t exactly a memorable url, you know? As of today, I’m abushelandapeckblog (dot) com, and I’m thrilled about it! Along with the name change comes a slight change of focus as well. I’ve tried several different things here on my blog, but none of them has made me as happy as the food–the recipes, the photos, the stories that I can tell alongside a meal. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like y’all like that a lot, too.

DSC_0307So this drink is a celebratory one. Here at a bushel and a peck, I’m going to be more serious about the food. I’m buzzing with ideas, and I can’t wait to try them all. I think part of that is the fact that it’s summertime, and it’s light out at 8pm, and I can shoot photos at all hours. But it’s bigger than that. I’m proud of the work that I’ve done here (not all of it, but some) and I can’t wait to do more. That means that my book posts are done for now. I’m going to keep a running list under “What I’m Reading,” so check there in the future. I really do hope that you’re all excited about the change!

DSC_0313Okay, about this cocktail. Well, first, about these glasses. A few months ago, I went out for dinner at a really great new place in Durham, called Pizzeria Toro. The pizza was great, but more importantly (not really), they served their beer in these amazingglasses. I don’t really know what it is about them, but they’re simple, light, unobtrusive handblown glass in the perfect size. It’s like your drink can just be your drink and not worry about the cup it’s in. I totally fell in love with them, and asked who made them, and gushed and gushed about them. Turns out, they’re made by a company called Luigi Bormioli, which I looked up as soon as I got home. You can order glasses from them in boxes of 6, and they’re not that expensive, but they are backordered. Indefinitely. I was bummed, but unsurprised. I moved on.

DSC_0319Then, in a stroke of pure luck, I stopped by West Elm a few weeks later, looking for a cake plate. I stopped idly by the sale section and spotted a glass that looked familiar. I realized a few seconds later that it was the same glass from Pizzeria Toro, and that they only cost $1.95. I bought the only three left. I’ve since discovered that they’re the best glasses in the world. They can do water, smoothies, beer, cocktails, and even wine! I’m totally obsessed and can’t believe I ever drank out of other glasses.

DSC_0320This cocktail is the perfect summery one to drink out of the perfect glass. It’s a balance of acid and sweetness, and I’m totally into it. I used Izzy’s grapefruit soda, but I’m sure there are other ones. It would also be good with orangeade or something similar. Very simply, it’s ice, gin, grapefruit soda, and a splash of soda water. And it will be the only thing you want to drink all summer.

1.5 ounces gin
several cubes ice
3 ounces grapefruit soda
2 ounces soda water

Pour the gin over the ice, then the sodas. Stir gently and enjoy on a warm summer evening with friends. It looks like a cute pink girly drink, but it’s not overly sweet. You’ll like it.

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