project 365: weeks twelve and thirteen

Oh my goodness. This month is making me a little loopy, just generally. It’s been one long string of really long, really full days, and sometimes, I can’t remember what I’m even spending all my time doing. I washed my hair twice the other day because I couldn’t remember if I had done it yet. I discovered a bag of lettuce in the refrigerator that I swore up and down I had never seen–turns out, I bought it? I don’t even know. Here are the last two weeks!


Jason reading the paper Continue reading

project 365: week eight

DSC_0301I have to confess something: My favorite thing to photograph are dogs. I spent all week taking pictures as usual, and when I sat down to edit them, I had to choose the best of the dog ones. I couldn’t help myself. This week’s collection of pictures is all from the weekend–admittedly, it was a tough week. It rained all day every day, and I was busy at work. I thought pictures of my weekend would be better than pictures of my desk… because that’s mostly all that happened. Continue reading

project 365: week seven

This week was really a quiet one. I flew home from Nashville on Sunday and had to bury myself in work for a few days to catch up. Jason has been really sick, so most of my time has been spent quietly: reading, cooking, working, and even some painting. It’s been a nice little respite from the usual hustle and bustle. DSC_0323I made Minestrone with lots of veggies and little tiny pastas in it. Continue reading

project 356: week six

I have a lot of pictures this week. I’ve been in Nashville since Wednesday night, and my flight home leaves in a few hours. I took a few photos earlier in the week, but I had to eliminate all of the ones from home and just use Nashville ones because I couldn’t choose any to get rid of. So, here’s a little recap of my trip:DSC_0296Sunrise from the windows at Jane’s house on Thursday morning after Mona woke me up at six in the morning. You can see most of Nashville from up here. Continue reading

project 365: week three


We had crazy weather this week. On Sunday, it was warm enough for t-shirts and flip-flops. Then it snowed on Thursday night. What?

DSC_0411Steamy pre-workday coffee


Warm day

DSC_0347Windshield frost. I learned this week that my method of scraping ice with a spare rewards card from my wallet does not work on actual ice. I also learned that none of my neighbors have ice-scrapers either.


At the laundromat.

DSC_0377Eggs on Saturday morning

DSC_0402Jason bought me these flowers at Whole Foods. They were forcing them to grow in the store, and they were a nice reminder that spring’s on its way.

DSC_0416On Sunday, I had brunch at my friends Ashley and Elisa’s house, and they made these awesome Cheddar Breakfast Buns from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook… they were the best brunch food I can think of. We also had french toast. YUM.