Easter Egg Roundup

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs--the Kitchn

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs via the Kitchn

This Easter, I’ll be celebrating with waffles instead of Easter eggs. I just got a waffle iron this week, and we’re having friends over to have breakfast for dinner tonight. So, I’m not dying any Easter eggs, but I have been running into these really cool ideas for eggs, and I wanted to share! Even if you just appreciate these eggs for a few minutes and skip the part where your fingers are all dyed blue for days and smell vaguely like vinegar, I think that’s cool. That’s my plan this year. The first option, from thekitchn.com, are dyed with natural dyes–vegetable scraps, in fact! Aren’t the colors great? Between beets, turmeric, red cabbage, and onion skins, you’ll come up with a variety of great colors. I think these would be really fun for an older kid Easter egg hunt because they would actually be hard to find outside. Continue reading