A Saturday Evening Study of Jason Faces

DSC_1121When I take out my camera, I can guarantee that Jason will immediately do one of three things: open his mouth, stick out his tongue, or open his eyes really extra wide. If I wait a few seconds, and maybe tell him that his mouth is still open, he’ll start to relax and do normal things with his face. Then, if I start taking to him about something else, suddenly I get pictures like this one. The window of opportunity here usually lasts about 10 seconds. Then, he’ll say something like, “Let me just fix my hair. I want to make sure to have an effortless tousled look going on,” and I get something like this:

Then, he says, “Look! This is my GQ model face!”

DSC_1138Things quickly go downhill from here. He involves props. Says things like, “I bet they would put this in an Anthropologie catalog!”

DSC_1148DSC_1145But then, sometimes, right after I stop taking pictures because I’m laughing too hard, Jason laughs, too. If I’m quick enough, I get pictures like this last one, and it’s all worth it.

DSC_1147I know I’m probably kind of partial, but my goodness, isn’t he cute?

Breakfast in Spain

photo by jason tuell

Last August, Jason went on a vacation to London, Paris, and Spain with his friend Bert. The trip was one for the books: they flew into London and spent a few days there, then rode the Chunnel to Paris where they did all the obligatory Parisian things–think baguettes, book stalls on the Seine, and the Louvre. Then, they took a train into Spain, where they met Mike in his family’s hometown. The three of them floated around Spain for several days: cars were towed, cigars were smoked, and dominoes were played. As for as I can tell, they became old Spanish men for a few days and loved every second of it.

Jason took an old SLR that we found at a Goodwill on the trip with him–a camera that he (and Bert and Mike) only generally knew how to use. Jason came home with a sock full of rolls of film, and we got them all developed a few days later. Almost all of the pictures were disastrous–with the exception of a few (accidentally) lovely ones. Although part of me wished in those days immediately after their trip that they had taken a digital camera so that I’d have a better idea of what they’d seen, I quickly changed my tune. I think the mismatched black and white pictures–many over or under-exposed–that they have as souvenirs couldn’t be any more prefect.

Almost 4 months after they got back from Spain, I found a roll of used film stuck in the backseat of my car. I thought it might be from their trip, so I held on to it and Jason kept meaning to get it developed. Last weekend, Bert was visiting and finally took the film with him. Today, more than a year after their trip, Bert posted the pictures from that missing roll of film on his Facebook.

Those little yogurt cups are a terra-cotta color. They get thrown away after people eat the yogurt, and Jason saved all three of theirs to bring home. We still have two of them at home: one holds pens and the other we sometimes use to drink wine from. I remember that they came from Spain, but they have started blend in with everything else. When I saw this picture, I remembered that they were almost trash, rescued by Jason and brought home to me. He took this picture (I’m sure of it) because he knew that I would want to see what they ate, what it looked like, and have an idea of how it felt. I love the way that no one is paying attention to Jason taking the picture–they’re busy with their own yogurt cups. I doubt that anyone was talking.

I feel like I took a little trip to Spain this morning, just from this small, quiet picture.