project 365: weeks twelve and thirteen

Oh my goodness. This month is making me a little loopy, just generally. It’s been one long string of really long, really full days, and sometimes, I can’t remember what I’m even spending all my time doing. I washed my hair twice the other day because I couldn’t remember if I had done it yet. I discovered a bag of lettuce in the refrigerator that I swore up and down I had never seen–turns out, I bought it? I don’t even know. Here are the last two weeks!


Jason reading the paper Continue reading

project 365: week eight

DSC_0301I have to confess something: My favorite thing to photograph are dogs. I spent all week taking pictures as usual, and when I sat down to edit them, I had to choose the best of the dog ones. I couldn’t help myself. This week’s collection of pictures is all from the weekend–admittedly, it was a tough week. It rained all day every day, and I was busy at work. I thought pictures of my weekend would be better than pictures of my desk… because that’s mostly all that happened. Continue reading

project 365: week seven

This week was really a quiet one. I flew home from Nashville on Sunday and had to bury myself in work for a few days to catch up. Jason has been really sick, so most of my time has been spent quietly: reading, cooking, working, and even some painting. It’s been a nice little respite from the usual hustle and bustle. DSC_0323I made Minestrone with lots of veggies and little tiny pastas in it. Continue reading

project 356: week six

I have a lot of pictures this week. I’ve been in Nashville since Wednesday night, and my flight home leaves in a few hours. I took a few photos earlier in the week, but I had to eliminate all of the ones from home and just use Nashville ones because I couldn’t choose any to get rid of. So, here’s a little recap of my trip:DSC_0296Sunrise from the windows at Jane’s house on Thursday morning after Mona woke me up at six in the morning. You can see most of Nashville from up here. Continue reading

project 365: week two

I’m discovering that my goal of one photo per day is kind of crazy annoying–some days I’m struggling to find a picture of anything, and other days are full of opportunities. So, rather than focus on publishing one photo per day, I’m just hoping you’ll get a feel for the week through my photos. Deal? Deal. DSC_0271This week, Chatham Habitat hosted 12 students from Cleveland State University through Habitat for Humanity’s Collegiate Challenge program. I got the honor of taking pictures of them all week–including this silly one.

DSC_0222On Tuesday, I started my day with a kale, apple, blackberry, lime juice that ended up being this beautiful purple color. It was also pretty delicious.

DSC_0003Downton Abbey started back this week–with a two hour long episode! I might have squealed a little when the scene with the dog and Lord Grantham came on–I love it! (Also, this was taken last Sunday, and I promise my Christmas tree has been taken down now.)

DSC_0219Sunrise in the back yard. Taken bleary-eyed and barefoot at 6AM.

DSC_0009Jason made dinner.

DSC_0279Saturday was Jason’s birthday and he wanted to go out for a hike. We passed a farm on highway 86 and this guy watched us pass.


Birthday eggs benedict.
DSC_0310Jason got some new threads.

DSC_0298And a delicious gingerbread/cream cheese icing cake! Happy Birthday, Jason!

A Saturday Evening Study of Jason Faces

DSC_1121When I take out my camera, I can guarantee that Jason will immediately do one of three things: open his mouth, stick out his tongue, or open his eyes really extra wide. If I wait a few seconds, and maybe tell him that his mouth is still open, he’ll start to relax and do normal things with his face. Then, if I start taking to him about something else, suddenly I get pictures like this one. The window of opportunity here usually lasts about 10 seconds. Then, he’ll say something like, “Let me just fix my hair. I want to make sure to have an effortless tousled look going on,” and I get something like this:

Then, he says, “Look! This is my GQ model face!”

DSC_1138Things quickly go downhill from here. He involves props. Says things like, “I bet they would put this in an Anthropologie catalog!”

DSC_1148DSC_1145But then, sometimes, right after I stop taking pictures because I’m laughing too hard, Jason laughs, too. If I’m quick enough, I get pictures like this last one, and it’s all worth it.

DSC_1147I know I’m probably kind of partial, but my goodness, isn’t he cute?