project 365: week three


We had crazy weather this week. On Sunday, it was warm enough for t-shirts and flip-flops. Then it snowed on Thursday night. What?

DSC_0411Steamy pre-workday coffee


Warm day

DSC_0347Windshield frost. I learned this week that my method of scraping ice with a spare rewards card from my wallet does not work on actual ice. I also learned that none of my neighbors have ice-scrapers either.


At the laundromat.

DSC_0377Eggs on Saturday morning

DSC_0402Jason bought me these flowers at Whole Foods. They were forcing them to grow in the store, and they were a nice reminder that spring’s on its way.

DSC_0416On Sunday, I had brunch at my friends Ashley and Elisa’s house, and they made these awesome Cheddar Breakfast Buns from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook… they were the best brunch food I can think of. We also had french toast. YUM.